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SDCC 2011: More Than Just NieR Tribute Album -echo- On the Horizon

July 29, 2011 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook SDCC 2011: More Than Just NieR Tribute Album -echo- On the Horizonon Twitter

That’s right. One of the most interesting exclusive bits of information we got from Izumi Tsukushi and Akio Shiraishi this year at Comic Con was the fact that there’s another unannounced NieR album in the works in addition to the already-announced NieR Tribute Album -echo-. The two noted that they weren’t all that surprised by popularity of the music from the game, but have felt pressure to give the score more attention after the popularity of the 8-bit remix on the More SQ CD.

In terms of what the NieR Tribute Album -echo- is all about, we were told that it will be a multi-artist arrangement album. I asked if it would essentially be “NieR SQ,” to which the two chuckled and said, “Yes, kind of like that.” They would not confirm which artists are involved.

Are you looking forward to the NieR Tribute Album and this unannounced project as well?  Isn’t it cool to see the soundtrack on sale on the floor with a placard about it being named soundtrack of the year (from OSV and other sites!)?

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