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SDCC 2011: Where the Heck is Cafe SQ?

August 4, 2011 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook SDCC 2011: Where the Heck is Cafe SQ?on Twitter

We have more to tell you from our interview with Izumi Tsukushi and Akio Shiraishi from Square Enix. I absolutely loved Chill SQ last year even though it was incredibly short, and when it was announced that Cafe SQ would feature the same chillout vibe, I was immediately interested. Strangely, however, we’ve heard nothing about the album since it was announced, and even more strange is the fact that it was announced before SQ Chips, which will be out in just about a month.

During our chat I asked about the status of Cafe SQ. As it turns out, only two tracks are completed and ready to go thus far. We weren’t told how many tracks would be featured overall (there were seven on Chill SQ), but it doesn’t sound like they’re very far along. Still, of note is the fact that it is Izumi Tsukushi’s most anticipated album coming from Square Enix Music right now that’s announced. I’m with him in having high hopes for this album.

Oh, and if you care, the album cover was illustrated by Black Butler artist Yana Toboso. And excuse the grainy image, as is there is no high-res cover art available yet.

Are you looking forward to Cafe SQ, and are you surprised by the fact that it’s been announced with so little progress being made?

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