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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is releasing the Celeste Soundtrack on vinyl and B-SIDES on cassette!

February 19, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is releasing the Celeste Soundtrack on vinyl and B-SIDES on cassette!on Twitter

We recently interviewed composer Lena Raine who shared details on her work on the Celeste soundtrack, the Celeste: B-Sides album, and her EP Singularity which she released under the name Kuraine. On February 12, 2018, via twitter Ship to Shore PhonoCo. announced physical releases for these titles:

So excited to announce that we’re working with on two wonderful projects. The fantastic OST to and her absolute banger of a solo album Singularity (with new artwork by ). Both will be out at the same time this Spring, so get hype!

-Ship to Shore PhonoCo.

Lena Raine also shared some additional details on the release on twitter on the same date:

Celeste is a HUGE soundtrack, so we did have to make a few snips here and there to make it fit. NEARLY every track will be represented on two packed records, with a few exceptions:

“Anxiety” is one of my favourite tracks but, sadly, it didn’t fit the length & needed to get cut for the vinyl. “Quiet and Falling” needed a slightly truncated mix for the side to come in at the right length. “Reach for the Summit” was trimmed down to its final iteration for length

Singularity is being presented as a special DJ mix specifically for the vinyl that smooths tracks I & II and III & IV together into one seamless side. I needed to do it for timing purposes, but I think it’s a pretty rad interpretation of the album. I absolutely love Erica’s original cover for Singularity & it’ll remain the cover for all the digital releases, but I wanted to give the vinyl its own special treatment. The vinyl cover I feel takes the same inspiration & takes it in a unique minimalist direction for this version.

And if you’re wondering if the B-SIDES will get a vinyl release the composer says:

Not at the moment. We’ll see how things go & the option isn’t out, but we decided to keep things thematic with B-Sides & go for a cassette release for it.

Are you excited for these upcoming physical releases coming later this spring?

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