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Ship to Shore Releases Konami’s Lagrange Point OST to Vinyl

November 18, 2016 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Ship to Shore Releases Konami’s Lagrange Point OST to Vinylon Twitter


You can’t say that the current fad of releasing video game soundtracks to vinyl isn’t having a big impact on game music distribution recently, especially when it results in previously-unreleased soundtracks exclusive to Japan ending up finally reaching our shores.

That’s exactly the case with the soundtrack to Konami’s Lagrange Point for the Famicom. Released only in Japan in 1991 and never being ported to the NES for American and European gamers, Lagrange Point is a pretty typical science fiction/fantasy role-playing game, but it has the unique quality of being the only game ever released with Konami’s VRC7 sound generator integrated circuit.

Konami’s Lagrange Point is often seen as the high technical watermark in Famicom/NES chiptune music. This Japan-only release contained a special memory mapper chip (the VRC7) that enabled the cartridge to produce FM synthesis, giving it a quality that no other Famicom/NES game can compete with.  – Ship to Shore

Composed by the famous Konami Kukeiha Club, Ship to Shore managed to get exclusive rights to release the Lagrange Point OST for the first time in North American to three different variant vinyl editions; each for around $25.00. You can check out the variants and more about the Lagrange Point OST on the Ship to Shore page. Here’s hoping for more oddities and unique VGM releases from them in the future!

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