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Shooting Stars: Shnabubula’s “Starbound” Released

June 2, 2012 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Shooting Stars: Shnabubula’s “Starbound” Releasedon Twitter

This past week was blessed with the release of an brand new original digital album by Samuel “Shnabubula” Ascher-Weiss with the debut of Starbound. After wowing us with his last game-tribute release NES Jams back in March, it seems Mr. ‘bubula has been busy whipping up some awesome freshness for the rest of us to enjoy in awe. And I do very much mean AWE.

Featuring electronic funk and fun progressive chiptune beats, Starbound is every bit shooting for the stars as it alludes to. Although only boasting 5 tracks, this 42-minute album manages to give you real a sense of piloting a flying spaceship in full 8-bit glory whilst blasting away and brightly-colored obstacles. Intense melody and electronic mastery awaits you with this release that, should you know any of Ascher-Weiss’s previous works, shall not disappoint in the least.

Officially released on Ubiktune and available for download at the beyond-reasonable “Name Your Price” format on Shnabubula’s own Bandcamp page, Starbound is well worth immersing yourself in a spacial world of total musical grandeur.

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