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Short but Sweet: The Franz Kafka Videogame OST

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Short but Sweet: The Franz Kafka Videogame OST

Jonathan Geer, who we last highlighted for his soaring, sprawling, and years-in-the-works soundtrack to Owlboy, returns with an offering that is many ways a polar opposite. The Franz Kafka Videogame is a short puzzle/adventure game inspired by the writings of the famed author, out now on Steam and iOS. Geer’s soundtrack is extremely short compared to Owlboy’s 68 tracks and it isn’t filled with the same soaring heroics, but it is just as sweet and heartfelt.

The main theme features vocals by Kim Chandler and opens the album with a sweet sense of whimsy. The combination of Chandler’s accented, non-linguistic vocals, violin, and accordion quickly call to mind an early 1900’s European setting. There’s also a touch of piano that leads us into the following tracks: the painfully brief but bright “Background” and the somber waltz of “Intermission”.

Taking a serious turn from there is the “Noir Theme” that is appropriately jazzy and smolders with horn and our friendly guide, the piano. Finally, there’s “End Credits” that’s like a nuclear bomb compared to everything before it, a short explosion of electric guitar and squeaky synths to make sure your volume is in check. Lastly there’s a bonus instrumental version of the “Main Theme” if the vocals somehow bothered you.

If you’re looking for a shot of whimsy and you don’t mind a little variety in the sound The Franz Kafka Videogame OST is well worth its minimal $1 price tag on Bandcamp. It is short — only around 9 minutes long including the instrumental version of the theme — but the vibe works well on repeat as long as you save that end credits theme for a closer.

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