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Welcome back OSV readers to thew new Original Sound Version!

Okay, so the new OSV isn’t a super dramatic change from the old. We’ve done some redesign tweaks and updates to the overall layout. You’ll notice we’ve consolidated the main page and updated the menu on the page top, so we encourage your all to take a looky through that. The menu bar and search functions now cover a lot more categories and our “Features”, “Interviews” and “Reviews” have the most recent articles highlighted. In the side bar, you’ll now find that we have a brand new events feature, which we will update with any VGM, chiptune, game audio and other related events in calendar format which can easily be added to your Google, Outlook or Apple Calendars. (If you have any relevant events you think should be listed in the calendar, feel free to send us a tip on it.) There’s a lot of other tweaks made to the site so we encourage everyone to explore and check it out! (As well as let us know if you find anything weird.) There might be a few additional minor adjustments we make throughout the week, so don’t be alarmed! We just didn’t want to wait any longer to bring the site back up for everyone!

I want to extend an enormous thanks to Shawn for his work on helping with renovating a good majority of the heavier, code-intensive parts of the revamp. He managed to work some real magic with a lot of things that might have not been able to be done like we wanted and this wouldn’t have gotten done half as quickly or as nicely without his help.

As always, we will continue to shape OSV to be the best we can make it in order to benefit the VGM, chiptune, and multimedia audio communities. If you’d like to help contribute to OSV, either by writing/contributing content, by providing us with content to review, or just by clicking on some ads to help with our revenue, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Here’s to the improved OSV!


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