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Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack Releases December 13th

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The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has had its share of shining stars and absolute duds in its long-running history. While it’s newest offering, Sonic Forces, may not be the stellar addition that its predecessor Sonic Mania had been, at least the game’s music seems to be a bit more palatable. Reminiscent of the Sonic Adventure series of games, the music of Sonic Forces takes a high-energy approach with lots of synth and guitar-driven tunes with some orchestral tracks to accompany the gameplay.

It’s not surprising that it lends itself more to the Sonic Adventure style either. Composed by Sonic Adventure 2 veterans Tomoya Ohtani and Kenichi Tokoi, Naofumi Hataya (Sonic Heroes), and Takahito Eguchi (Sonic the Hedgehog [2006]), the “Wave Master” team combined their (*ahem*) forces to create the enormous 87-track original soundtrack for the game.

In addition to the original music for the game, Douglas Robb of the American rock band “Hoobastank” contributes the main theme “Fist Bump” while Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane of metalcore band “Dangerkids” provided the character theme “Infinite” and the London Symphony Orchestra recorded the orchestral music “Shadow Story” which is an additional download content. Also included are remixes  from Sonic Adventure 2 such as “Rhythm and Balance” and “Supporting Me”.

The three-disk official soundtrack for Sonic Forces will be releasing in Japan on December 13th and will available for import purchase at CDJapan and Play-Asia retailers.

If you played Sonic Forces, how did you think the soundtrack measured up to the rest of the game? Let us know!

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