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Sonic Mania Remixed Album from Tiny Waves Releases Today

November 14, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Sonic Mania Remixed Album from Tiny Waves Releases Todayon Twitter


It hasn’t been long since the release of Sonic Mania, the love-letter to oldschool Sonic the Hedgehog fans, but the music of the game is already seeing praise. Not only was the soundtrack released to vinyl courtesy of Data Discs, but the game’s music is now receiving some love from Tiny Waves and Materia Collective in the form of the arrangement album Sonic Mania Remixed.

Officially to be released today, November 14th, Sonic Mania Remixed was directed by Ben Briggs and features 11 tracks of arranged music from the Sonic Mania OST done up by artists like A_Rival, James Landino, Voia and more. Even though the original music arranged and composed by Tee Lopes is already a very bumpin’ soundtrack, Remixed takes it up to 11 by adding danceable beats and grooves to enhance the catchiness of the tracks.

Although I’m a little disappointed to see that my favorite of the new music from the Sonic Mania soundtrack, “Built to Rule” (Titanic Monarch Act 1) didn’t make the cut for this album, it’s good to see that it didn’t take long for the Mania music to get some love from the game music arrangement community, given the legacy of Sonic music to be some of the most prolifically remixed game music ever.

You can check out more on the Sonic Mania Remixed Bandcamp page, or just wait for the album to release later today and nab it for yourself.

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