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Starr Mazer DPS and Soundtrack Hit Steam early Access

August 30, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Starr Mazer DPS and Soundtrack Hit Steam early Accesson Twitter


The prequel to the retro roguelike shoot ’em up Starr Mazer, titled Starr Mazer DSP, has made it to Steam Early Access and is available now to tantalize your fingertips and your earholes.

“Main Theme” (Preview) – Starr Mazer DSP

“For Starr Mazer DSP’s soundtrack, we’re doing a Venn diagram of music styles: combining the moody-melodic Starr Mazer sound with the ’80s style ‘Outrun‘ sub-genre of synth-wave. Inspirations include demoscene musicians like Lizardking, ’80s European disco records, arcade soundtracks like U.N. Squadron, and a visit to Miami. The main Stage 1 theme was written while on that trip.” – Alex Mauer, Starr Mazer DSP composer
Released by Imagos Softworks and PLAYISM, the “retro-sexy” soundtrack—combining electronic, chiptunes, and synthwave stylings imagined by Mauer is also available. You can currently save 10% on Starr Mazer DSP through Steam Early access until September 1st, and can learn more on the Starr Mazer DSP website.
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