The Most Exotic Journey Of The Year: Benyamin Nuss’s Exotica Out Now!

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Benyamin Nuss has since an early age amazed and left a worldwide audience in awe with his masterful piano performances. Nuss is not only a virtuoso of precision, but one of the most melodically honest performers in classical music, his music is heartfelt, gripping and daring, allowing listeners of any age to truly feel the music due to his incredible powerful and passionate renditions of both classic and contemporary scores. In 2010, Nuss released his debut album Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu on the prestigious label Deutsche Grammophon under the auspices of Universal Music, breaking new grounds and making history with his incredible tribute to the most famous video game composer of all time. Now the young man from Germany is ready to go even more exotic for his next album.

Exotica is a collection of inspired works blended together to create a journey unlike any other, a theme of classical music merged and molded to feel new, exciting and exotic as only Benyamin Nuss can provide. On this journey we meet Claude Debussy, as his “Estampes” served as a great influence on the album, along with Darius Milhaud, Charles Tomlinson Griffes, Alan Hovhaness, Martin Torp and even Masashi Hamauzu. Nuss also features his very own Elegy for Fukushima, making this not only an experiment of exoticism, but also a gift with a heart, and with a soul Jonne Valtonen also contributed to Exotica with his “Fantasy” for the Fukushima elegy. Benyamin Nuss proves with this album that he is a unique world class talent, and one with a true passion that is easily heard, and felt within your very own mind and body.

Available at: Amazon DE, Itunes and JPC

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