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The Wipeout Legacy Perfect Lap Edition – Available Now

October 1, 2015 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook The Wipeout Legacy Perfect Lap Edition – Available Nowon Twitter

Shiryu has just released an album that is a culmination of his twenty years experimenting with the music of the Wipeout series.  The album is titled The Wipeout Legacy Perfect Lap Edition and is a digital release collecting six albums, and just under six hours of music!  This is how he describes his journey in creating this release:

I have stated this before but it is always nice to remember: There would not be Shiryu Music if not for “Wipeout”. It was the game and it’s sequels that stirred the already ongoing pot of wanting to know how to make those sounds.  This special edition is a compilation of all my previous works, including all four original releases plus an “The Outer Haven Sessions” EP. I often wonder if this is my Magnum Opus… will I ever do something as great as these tracks in the future? Or like “Wipeout” my time shinning on stage is running out and I am destined to be forgotten? Time will tell. Hope you enjoy discovering or rediscovering these tracks, each filled with fond memories of the time I made them.” – Shiryu

The album is available on Shiryu Music’s bandcamp page for 15 Euros which is a bit under $20 USD.  Also available for 2 Euros, is the EP The Wipeout Legacy: The Outer Haven Sessions which is his latest Wipeout creation and a perfect compliment to The Perfect Lap Edition.  I now have the perfect music for my next road trip.

Are you a fan of the music from the Wipeout series?

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