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ThinkGeek Release Namco Museum Greatest Hits Vinyl

February 28, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook ThinkGeek Release Namco Museum Greatest Hits Vinylon Twitter

If you’re still riding aboard the vinyl VGM train, Namco and ThinkGeek have a nice throw-back game music compilation release to whet your whistle. The Namco Museum – Greatest Hits Exclusive Vinyl EP releases today and offers a bunch of classic tunes from several hit Namco titles, including Dig Dug, Sky Kid, Splatterhouse and more in an officially-licensed Bandai Namco collectible.

This Namco Arcade Greatest Hits – Exclusive Vinyl LP is guaranteed to bring back tons of memories, and the limited edition “Pixel
Explosion” color vinyl variant is only available here. This recording includes game play and sounds from Bosconian, Dig Dug, Dragon Buster, Galaga, Gaplus, Mappy, New Rally X, Pac-Man, The Return of Ishtar, Rolling Thunder, Sky Kid, Splatterhouse, Tower of Druaga, and Xevious. Packaged in a die-cut jacket that shows the Pac-Man themed sleeve, it’ll remind you of summers ill-spent. Or maybe well-spent. Lots of quarters spent, either way.

The double-sided EP contains 19 tracks covering the aforementioned titles and can be ordered now on ThinkGeek for $34.99USD, where you can check out the full track listing and more details about the release.

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