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Tommy Tallarico hints at an Earthworm Jim Vinyl Release

August 4, 2017 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Tommy Tallarico hints at an Earthworm Jim Vinyl Releaseon Twitter


On August 2, 2017, Earthworm Jim turned 23 years old. On the same date video game composer, and Video Games Live creator, Tommy Tallarico tweeted suggesting that a vinyl release of the game’s music might be in the works. You can see a screenshot of the tweet below.

Earthworm Jim

A Facebook user named Jason C. Curry posted back in January 17, 2016, suggesting ‘snot’ colored vinyl would be cool. I agree, and also thought that a spotted cow option would be pretty cool too. The above cover art is not official. The soundtrack did receive an official release in the form of the Earthworm Jim Anthology, which featured Tommy Tallarico’s music but also remixes from some of the best folks in the video game audio community. You can find details about that release at the official Video Games Live Store. More specific details on performers and album contributors are in the Video Game Music Database.

Check back with OSV for full details on the Earthworm Jim vinyl release once they become available. Are you excited for Earthworm Jim on vinyl?

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