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Ubiktune’s Magic Lamp Continues To Give

September 21, 2011 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Ubiktune’s Magic Lamp Continues To Giveon Twitter

To say that 2011 has been a good year for independent label Ubiktune would be a gross understatement. Since the earliest months of this year, they have graced us with some of the most fantastic albums across any genre, and with each passing release, the creativity of their contributors as well as the foresight and understanding of consumer preferences continue to grow and improve at ever increasing rates. September has been a real knockout month only halfway through with Impostor Nostalgia‘s retro inspired groove, and of course the official Bloodrayne: Betrayal Soundtrack by none other than Jake “virt” Kaufman.

With these 2 releases alone, Ubiktune would be able to pat themselves on the back with the most impressive back to back albums in quite some time. But apparently, if you are to be outdone, you should be outdone by yourself. This week, Ubiktune has presented yet 2 more album of the year candidates in Shnabubula’s Game Genie, an incredible SNES prog rock / jazz fusion masterpiece from a deeply interesting mind, and Jay Tholen, a man that could sell you this album on his beard alone, but manages to win one over with a great electronica album that mixes in diversity with the use of live instruments and vocals. As usual with the releases over at Ubiktune, these albums are free, though you can name your own price to support the artists if you feel inclined.

And no need to wait for preppy Brits to tell you where these albums can be found for your listening pleasure, this shortlegged Viking has got you covered. Head on over to and support the amazing creative outlet, at whatever price.

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