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Unravel Soundtrack Reveals Swedish Inspirations

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Leading up to its release on February 9th, the team at Coldwood Interactive have been spinning up the hype machine for their title that surprised everyone at E3, Unravel. Revealed on the same stage where Pele relived the majesty of futbol and DICE showed off their million dollar investment in Star Wars was this tiny, sweet little yarn character helping an old lady rebuild her memories.

Introduced by Creative Director, Martin Sahlin, as a “story of love, longing and mending broken bonds” it’s no surprise that the music sounds perfectly, painfully on par. He goes on to describe it as a score to “break your heart and put it back together again” which is way more evocative a description than I could write from the clips I’ve heard so far.

To create the music the Swedish team at Coldwood turned to local musicians familiar with the locations and style that the visuals are based on. Henrik Oja and Frida Johansson collaborated to create a soundtrack that builds on traditional Swedish instruments and folk music to capture the personal story of a single family. It’s also a dynamic score that builds and swings to match the gameplay as Yarny explores the world, puzzling out predicaments by unraveling his own yarn.

You can listen to some of the music and hear more about the soundtrack in the video below.

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