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VGO to Record Live Show For CD Release (Pending Kickstarter Funds!)

August 29, 2012 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook VGO to Record Live Show For CD Release (Pending Kickstarter Funds!)on Twitter

This just in! Remember that VGO Boston Show, ~Live at Symphony Hall~, we told you about two weeks ago?

If you can’t go to it, but you want to hear it, there’s a solution: a Kickstarter campaign to get the show recorded and CDs of the show released.

This campaign just went live this morning, and it has a goal of $30,000. $10 nets you a digital version of the to-be-produced album (a live recording of the Oct 7 show featuring Sakimoto, Iwadare and Yamashita). For $20, you get the CD version. $35 gets you a USB stick with a “making of” video. Go up to $50, you also get a T-Shirt. $75, all previous rewards PLUS a program from the show signed by the special guests.

And from there, things get really crazy. If you’re thinking of going, they even have tiers that include tickets (and VIP tickets) to the show. At the $500 level (limited to 4 backers), you can share a meal with the special guests!

I’ve been yearning for the VGO to produce an album, and if this is what it takes, I’ll use my little soapbox here to personally urge you to back this one. The VGO arrangements are unique (not canned arrangements from previous concerts), and really, $20 for that 14 minute Grandia suite alone seems worthwhile. Don’t miss this!

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