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Video: Heartfelt Message from Osamu Kubota

June 21, 2012 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Video: Heartfelt Message from Osamu Kubotaon Twitter

It’s been awhile since we last mentioned our friend Kubota-san here on OSV. In the above video, which features Kubota recording at CSNO Studios (Czech National Symphony Orchestra) for Hanbitsoft’s MMORPG Heaven of Three Kingdoms, he shares some poignant thoughts and feelings about being a composer. Chief among them is this lovely quote, which I wanted to share with all of our readers:

I really have to redefine myself, every day — every day! Otherwise, I couldn’t survive as a composer. […] Forget about the Osamu Kubota of before […] and just listen to what’s happening.

Kubota goes on to talk about how “small” or “compact” the world becomes with technological advances. Considering I’m watching a video of a Japanese man speaking in English, with Korean subtitles (presumably for the game’s Korean audience), while recording music in Eastern Europe, and I’m sitting in America … yeah. The Internet is pretty awesome in that regard.

Please watch the whole video (it’s been up on YouTube for nearly a year and as of today is still under 200 views … this is a crime of neglect!). Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from Osamu Kubota in the near future. Thanks to our friend Don Kotowski for the link to this video.

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