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Women Working in Video Game Audio: The Video Game Music Database Report

October 6, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Women Working in Video Game Audio: The Video Game Music Database Reporton Twitter

About a month ago I reached out to the administrators at the Video Game Music Database (VGMdb) to ask if they could make some modifications to their advanced search. I wanted to be able to search for something specific: Women artists involved in game music. With the help of VGMdb admin Bigblah the advanced search was updated and here’s what you can search for now:


You can now refine the database search results by Male, Female or Unspecified genders, and isolate the results by Composer. Performing a search to include composers who were female for an original game soundtrack revealed 1,040 results! You can also make further refinements to your search to reveal more women that have worked in the video game audio industry.

Part of my motivations behind refining the advanced search was because a while back Original Sound Version began a series called Matron Maestras which highlighted some of the women working as composers in the video game industry. The composers included Winifred Phillips, Tomoka Sasaki, Eveline Fischer, and Michiru Oshima. We wanted to let you know that this series will be making a comeback in the coming months. In the meantime, please feel free to re-visit our previous Matron Maestras articles or perform some searches of your own with these new options in the VGMdb.

If there are woman composer or artist that you would like to see covered in OSV’s Matron Maestra series? Please let us know!

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