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Matron Maestras - Junko Tamiya (Spotlight)

Matron Maestras – Junko Tamiya (Spotlight)

May 25, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Matron Maestras – Junko Tamiya (Spotlight)on Twitter

Capcom has produced and nurtured a variety of female composers over the past few decades. It’s not a huge exaggeration to say that they have been probably one of the most prolific in terms of having so many of their titles featuring women composing the music. The names Manami Matsumae and Yoko Shimomura are well known in the VGM community as legends for their work on the early classic Capcom titles, but there is a score of women who have their names listed as top composer credits in several well-known titles who deserve some spotlight as well for their accomplishments. Junko Tamiya certainly is one of them.


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