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Inverse Phase Reimagines The Binding of Isaac Soundtrack as a Chiptune Album

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Ever wondered what The Binding of Isaac would sound like if it were an NES game? Chiptune artist Inverse Phase’s newest album The Chipping of Isaac explores that very concept. Covering the music of Danny Baranowsky’s original The Binding of Isaac OST, this album features NES interpretations of every track from the original game. This includes the title screen, boss fights, and even the shop theme.

According to the album home page, Inverse Phase plans to add tracks from the Wrath of the Lamb expansion and loopable tracks at a later date. So if you’re a fan of The Binding of Isaac OST and enjoy the chiptune sounds of the NES, this may be an album you’ll want to check out. The Chipping of Isaac is currently available on Inverse Phase’s Bandcamp page.

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Matron Maestras – Eveline Fischer (Spotlight)

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We’re continuing our spotlight on women in video game composing  with one of the components of the Donkey Kong Country musical experience and beyond with Eveline Fischer! (Eveline Novakovic if you’re looking her up under her married name, but we’ll be referencing her under the name she used when composing the majority of the works we’ll be listing) We’ll also highlight some of her non-composing works, including some voice work you may not have known was her!

And what good timing too, as the DKC Mix’t Ape ’94 arrangement album just released today with much of Fischer’s work arranged by several artists! How’s that for relevance?


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Rogue Legacy Reborn Arrangement Album Now Available

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If you were a fan of the music of Rogue Legacy, you now get to enjoy a second round of the indie rogue-lite’s tunes with Rogue Legacy Reborn.

Risen with a vengeance in the shadow of its forebear, comes an album for the generations: ROGUE LEGACY REBORN! A whole new breed of remixes and covers of all the songs you loved from the original soundtrack by a litter of amazing artists from the gaming world and beyond.

Comprised of 22 tracks, Rogue Legacy Reborn features arrangements of the original soundtrack done by composer “Tettrix” and “A Shell in the Pit” done up by a number of names in the game music arrangement scene, such as Stemage (Metroid Metal), Videri String Quartet, A_Rival and Careless Juja, plus a ton more.

The album is available on Loudr starting at $10, but if you feel so inclined you can throw the artists (and subsequently the original composers) a little extra.

Rogue Legacy Reborn – Loudr

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Matron Maestras – Michiru Ōshima (spotlight)

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The current climate of the video game world has been speckled with a fair bit of controversy over the role of women in the industry, both in-game and outside of games. No doubt, women have been involved with video games since the beginning, and one particular facet of the gaming industry that hasn’t gotten a lot of focus in regards to its diversity is video game music. Due to the fact that video game music is not as easily identifiable as being male or female-influenced, it’s sometimes very easy to go by without knowing just how much an impact female composers have had in gaming through its entire lifespan. Indeed, it in essence makes little difference what gender, race or creed a composer is, as their musical ability is what makes the games they compose for and creates their legacy with video game fans.

Thus, I decided I wanted to make a small series of spotlight features over the next couple of weeks, highlighting some of those female composers whose works are either well known or obscure, but nonetheless important to the history of gaming.

The first composer I wanted to focus on briefly doesn’t have a huge repertoire of game compositions under her belt, but the quality more than makes up for the quantity when it comes to Japanese composer Michiru Ōshima.


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VCONCERT 2014 Game Music Event to Stream On Twitch Nov. 8th

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Mariachi Games out of Mexico will be putting on the VCONCERT 2014 Game Music Event tomorrow, November 8th out of Monterrey, and streaming live through Twitch! Starting at 4 o’clock CST, a lineup of 10 hours worth of music performances from some of the most iconic names in the game music industry will be broadcast online for the masses to enjoy, including composers Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Shadows of the Damned) and Michiru Yamane. (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Skullgirls)

VCONCERT was started in 2012 by game music fans Mariano Latapi di Carlo and Poulette Roel through their videogame promotion agency, Mariachi Games. This year celebrates the event’s 3rd year of doing live performances. You can check out last year’s performance featuring the likes of Jake Kaufman, The One Ups and DisasterPEACE on Spotify for a taste of what to expect this year, be sure to tune in at 4pm CST to hear for yourself live!


Learn more about VCONCERT:


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Mega Ran’s Kickstarter Busting Goals and Stretching Bounderies

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If you weren’t aware, Random aka. Mega Ran started himself a respectable little Kickstarter to help fund a new album for 2015 as well as a Director’s Cut DVD of his Mega-lo-Mania documentary that released this past August. The new album will feature fan input as well as guest composers, and the DVD Director’s Cut will be expanded in length to feature more performance footage and highlight’s of Mega Ran’s career.

The good news is that, with 16 days to go, the Kickstarter has been completely funded and even passed a stretch goal of releasing the new album to vinyl for higher-level pledges. Now he’s looking to release an additonal Megaman album for Christmas with the project’s next stretch goal. Additionally, Mega Ran was so ecstatic about the goals being shattered that he released a new bit of music based on his love of the sports of Philadelphia.

So if you’re looking to get yourself some new Mega Ran goodies, hop on over to his Kickstarter and chip in!

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50% Off Halo Soundtracks at Sumthing Else Records

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In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Bungie Studio’s Halo 2 and the upcoming release of The Master Chief Collection, Sumthing Else Records has announced that from now until January 2015, all Halo OSTs will be 50% off!

The press release by the company showcases the sale of all of the Halo soundtracks, from the original Halo to Halo Reach and Halo Legends, ranging from $4.99 for entire soundtracks, and $0.99 for individual tracks. The complete list of soundtracks on sale are:

Halo: Combat Evolved Original Soundtrack
Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Volume One
Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Volume Two
Halo 3 Original Soundtrack
Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack
Halo Reach Original Soundtrack
Halo Legends Original Soundtrack
Halo Wars Original Soundtrack
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Soundtrack

Featuring some of the most iconic music of the modern gaming era, the Halo series has done it’s due in continuing the advancement of music in video games. Probably not surprising is that Halo 4′s OST is not included due to Bungie’s departure from the series. Be sure to take advantage of the sale an Sumthing Else and grab yourself some awesome music!

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Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion (Review)

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Here on OSV we primarily focus on soundtracks and remix albums for videogames. However, every once in a while we like to take a look at some of the music software that’s available for composers to implement in their virtual instrument libraries. Such is the case with today’s review. This time around we will be looking at Impact Soundworks new percussion library Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion.

The software, as the name implies, is focused on providing a realistic orchestral percussion library for composers and musicians. You won’t be dealing with any synth or electronic drums in this program. The primary focus here is on acoustic instruments, both from western and eastern parts of the world. Impact Soundworks has created and released various types of instrument libraries over the years. These have included guitar libraries, vocal ensembles, and a hybrid synth program, the latter of which we reviewed on OSV earlier this year. This new instrument library was designed by Dickie Chapin & Andrew Aversa. Like their previous products, the program is designed to work with any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) through the software application Kontakt 5. For this review, I’ll be examining the program, analyzing how well the instruments work, and the overall quality of the product for the end user. With all of that said, let’s take a look at Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion. (more…)

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Graveyard Grooves with The One Ups New Album (review)

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It’s that time of the year when creepy music is what’s blaring on everyone’s stereos, be it from games, movies, television or what have you. Halloween is perfect for that niche portion of those who love all manner of spooky and scary to really indulge in the excessive amounts of what the season has to offer. What equally great about this time of year is that you usually get at least one new album from a band or group that focuses squarely on horror and scary-themed music, and The One Ups have decided to be the forerunner this season with Songs for the Recently Deceased.

This album features an assortment of tunes from a variety of games that are either fully immersed into the spooky and the horrific, or select stages that sport a creepy feel and fall into the category. It’s not just your Resident Evils and your Silent Hills, either; though they do make appearances. And of course, everything sports that smooth and chill tone that The One Ups are known for dishing out in high quality. So sit back, relax and let your brain switch to the mellow macabre.


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Viking Guitar’s New Album Danse Macabre III Releases Today

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In the mood for some Halloween themed remixes? The newest Danse Macabre album from Viking Guitar may have exactly what you are looking for. If you follow the videogame cover music of Viking Guitar, you may be familiar with their tradition of releasing a horror music album every October around Halloween. Each of the previous Danse Macabre volumes has covered music from horror games, horror movies, and even music of other bands. This latest entry aims to follow in that tradition.

This year’s new album, Danse Macabre III, includes covers of music from The Ring, Dead Space, Silent Hill, and Goosebumps. As with the previous entries, a wide collection of music artists and groups are contributing tracks to the album. A decent mix of music styles and genres are present as well, including classical, rock, and chiptune. This year’s contributors include the Videri String Quartet, Chernabogue, and Phonetic Hero among others. If you’re a fan of music from horror games and movies, this is an album you’ll want to check out. Danse Macabre III and the previous Danse Macabre volumes can all be found on the Viking Guitar Bandcamp page.

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Video Games Live to Start Another Album Kickstarter

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According to a Facebook update, it sounds like the touring video game music group known as Video Games Live will be starting another Kickstarter project to fund a new album, Level 4, on October 20th.

The album is going to feature symphonic arrangements from games such as Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy VI (Opera), BioShock, Uncharted, Earthworm Jim, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid 3 (“Snake Eater”), Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, Cave Story AND MORE! As well as a brand new Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross Piano Arrangement bonus album!

Last year the group funded their latest album, Level 3, through Kickstarter as well. The image above is stated to be a mock-up of the potential album’s artwork, provided it meets its as-of-yet-released goal. Those interested should keep an eye out on October 20th to find out more about this new album.

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Grant Kirkhope Releases the Ultimate Banjo-Kazooie Album

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Back in April of 2013, the official Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack received a digital release on Grant Kirkhope’s Bandcamp page. If you are familiar with either the game or soundtrack, you’ll know that the music in the game changes dynamically. Depending on where you were in the game world, the instruments and music arrangement would change in real time. Unfortunately, many of these variations were not available on the official soundtrack. It seems that Grant Kirkhope has taken it upon himself to give fans access to those alternate versions and missing tracks with Banjo-Kazooie: Everything and the Kitchen Sink!

Every piece of music that was ever in the game is on this soundtrack. There are also a handful of unused bonus tracks included. Even quick jingles/cues like “Collect Jiggy” and “Collect All Jingos” are present on this album. This includes variations of the music for when you’re underwater, the variations of “Gruntilda’s Lair,” and the arrangements for the various seasons in the Click-Clock Wood level. This is an absolute must-have for the Banjo-Kazooie music purist. As if the collection of all of this previously unreleased content wasn’t enough, the album is available for a pay-what-you-want price. So if you are a big fan of the the original Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack, definitely check out Banjo-Kazooie: Everything and the Kitchen Sink!

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