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CSH Soundtrack Giveaway Winners Announced!

CSH Soundtrack Giveaway Winners Announced!

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Well friends… as promised in our extended interview two weeks prior, we have five digital copies of the COSMIC STAR HEROINE soundtrack to distribute!

… soon … well, in December, actually. When it comes out, first week of December, we will distribute the codes.

But for now, we thought we’d announce the winners! The five of you will receive an email from me [Patrick] today, and separate emails when the Bandcamp distribution codes are ready in early December. Now then, drumroll please…

Oliver R. / Jack de N. / Véronique M. / Sabin Figaro / Jack W.

For those who wanted to know the answer to our entrance quiz: “In Cosmic Star Heroine, there is a particular bounty hunter who has quite the affinity for capes: can you tell us his name, and his weapon of choice?”

Name: Z’xorv | Weapon: Claws

And now you know! We wish we could’ve given away codes to everyone! For those of you who still want it, remember that you can preorder it for 7 GBP here.

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Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound (Review)

Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound (Review)

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The Beep Movie was officially released on September 30, 2016. I’ve watched the film, which is just short of two hours and a wonderful examination of the history of sound in video games. This includes a look at how music and sound design evolved from the penny arcade era to the modern era of gaming today.

Although I been writing for Original Sound Version for close to two years I still consider myself a bit of a N00b when it comes to game audio. Most of my game audio experiences have come from playing games, and listening to soundtracks. Until now, I did not have a decent understanding of the behind the scenes of the game audio world and Beep pulls back the curtain for its viewers. Read on to hear my full review of the film and the Blu-ray release.


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Original Sound Version Feature: WASD

Original Sound Version Feature: WASD

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Last month, Original Sound Version partnered up with the Dwelling of Duels game music competition and Impact Soundworks at MAGFest Labs to debut “Opposing Bloodlines“; a video game music competition specifically for established game music cover bands, be they instrumental, chiptune, acapella or otherwise. The competition was  a success with one of the prizes for the winner being a feature on OSV!

The grand winner of the competition was a one-man band out of southern Maryland known as WASD. Who and what is WASD?


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Ben Prunty brings us some Halloween Electro-Funk

Ben Prunty brings us some Halloween Electro-Funk

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It’s that spooktacular time of the year again when we Americans overdose on Halloween. We’ve done our part in years past to feature appropriately spooky video game music and so have composers and remixers. One of this year’s offerings comes from Ben Prunty, the composer of FTL, Gravity Ghost and StarCrawlers. Described as “Halloween electro-funk”, the album is actually the soundtrack to upcoming indie brawler FrankNJohn but is rebranded here as ElectroCrypt in celebration of Prunty’s favorite holiday.

“The music was inspired by Danny Elfman, the old Super NES game Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and the gleeful indulgence of OCRemix, a community of game music rearrangement artists that I love,” Prunty explains.

You can check out the full album on Bandcamp and pick it up for $5 if so inclined. Prunty adds that the sales from the album are going towards getting his live shows up and running.

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MercurySteam and Oscar Araujo Reunite for Raiders of the Broken Planet

MercurySteam and Oscar Araujo Reunite for Raiders of the Broken Planet

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Oscar Araujo, best known as the man behind the most memorable part of Castlevania: Lords of Shadowthe music — is returning to the video game scene again for Raiders of the Broken Planet. Araujo is reuniting with MercurySteam, the developers of Lords of Shadow for the asymmetrical 4-vs-1 sci-fi adventure game that’s currently in closed Beta testing.

“I feel very comfortable working with my friends at MercurySteam once again and I’m so excited by this world of adventure they are creating in Raiders of the Broken Planet”, remarked Oscar. “It’s really making me approach my work in a new way. My hope is that the game’s music will bring a stylish sense of adventure to the game.”

A “stylish sense of adventure” is how I’d describe the game’s main theme preview track above. The song sets the theme on acoustic guitar, builds it up with electric punch and breaks it back down for a sweeping ride in just a few moments’ time.

Are you looking forward to Raiders of the Broken Planet or a new score from Araujo? Let us know in the comments below.

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Japanese Devs & Hiroki Kikuta Team Up for Military Tactics Game TINY METAL

Japanese Devs & Hiroki Kikuta Team Up for Military Tactics Game TINY METAL

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Los Angeles, California – October 11, 2016AREA 34 is pleased to announce TINY METAL, a military-themed turn-based tactical game for PlayStation 4 and PC developed by a team of industry veterans from Japan known as Project Milk. TINY METAL draws inspiration from titles like Advance Wars and aims to modernize this long-forgotten game genre with deep tactical gameplay for both casual and hardcore fans, an engaging story, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. Project Milk is headed by Hiroki Kikuta, who is best known as the composer of Secret of Mana, but also has extensive experience creating games, with TINY METAL marking his triumphant return to game development.

TINY METAL was recently greenlit on Steam and Project Milk has prepared a playable prototype for players to see their progress. Currently on Kickstarter, Project Milk hopes to raise $50,000 USD by October 18 to fund development:

  • EXPERIENCE the future of military-themed turn-based tactics games
  • FIGHT your way through an eight-hour story-rich campaign rife with political drama
  • AVENGE your beloved king and peoples of Artemisia against the evil Zipang shogunate
  • PLAN your next move with deep tactical gameplay requiring courage and skill
  • COMPETE against friends in multiplayer skirmishes
  • BEHOLD a memorable cast of beautifully hand-drawn allies and villains
  • LISTEN to a catchy and upbeat soundtrack by I Am Setsuna composer Tomoki Miyoshi

“Happy Town” – TINY METAL


Follow Project Milk on Twitter and Facebook

Source: Scarlet Moon Promotions

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90's Niche Racer Megarace Remastered, Re-Recorded & Rocked Out

90’s Niche Racer Megarace Remastered, Re-Recorded & Rocked Out

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It’s been awhile since I last checked in with Lance Boyle and his cohorts at ZOOM but they’ve been surprisingly busy on the music front. For those who don’t remember the name, Lance was the star of the niche 90’s FMV combat racing series Megarace, and ZOOM has been working on a reboot for the last few years.

The original game from 1993 was a unique mix of pre-rendered backgrounds and score-based combat racing. Accompanying the CG raceways was full-motion video of Lance Boyle, the sleazy emcee who chides and goads players for their performance. While I remember the game being moderately well received it was the music that stuck with a lot of folks.

Created by French composer Stéphane Picq (KGB, Dune), the music isn’t what you’d expect from the melange of cheesy FMV and futuristic cyber sports but it is quite enjoyable in and out of the game. Grungy and thumping, its melodies are belted out by scratchy synths but there’s always a softness to the MIDI backup that keeps it from grating. Over this past Summer and Fall, ZOOM has cleaned up, re-recorded and rocked out the music of Megarace for three different albums releases.

In July they released Megarace Reboot Soundtrack: The Max Petrosky Sessions, a totally updated rearrangement of the original game’s 6-track soundtrack (iTunes, Google, Amazon, CDBaby). While working on new music for the upcoming Megarace Reboot, Stéphane released an album in August with first-ever stereo remasters of the original soundtrack (iTunes, Google, Amazon, CDBaby). It doesn’t sound like much at first but hearing the new and old tracks (from the 2009 release) back to back was really a treat.

Finally, after a YouTube teaser earlier in the year, ZOOM released Megarace Reboot Soundtrack: The Steve Crane Sessions, Newsan on September 29th featuring multi-instrumentalist Steve Crane (iTunes, Google, Amazon, CDBaby). The album features a studio recording of Crane’s completely rocked out version of “Newsan”, Megarace’s most familiar track. The rest of the album contains individual tracks for each instrument.

I’d love to see an update on Megarace Reboot itself but these album releases are a sign that things are coming along and sounding better than ever. If all of this has you intrigued about what Megarace looked and played like, have a look at my video of the GOG version from a few years ago.

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Tales of the Elements in an RPG and Hip Hop Concept Album

Tales of the Elements in an RPG and Hip Hop Concept Album

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Phoenix, Arizona – October 7, 2016 Random Beats Music is excited to announce Tales of the Elements, the ambitious tenth album by hip hop/trip hop artist Last BeNeVoLeNcE telling a tale full of fantasy, adventure, love, and heroism while presenting the history of hip hop in the likeness of a classic Japanese role-playing game. Entirely produced and written by Last BeNeVoLeNcE, Tales of the Elements features cleverly crafted story-driven lyricism on top of heavy ’90s-inspired drum patterns with exotic jazz samples alongside original compositions of his own. Tales of the Elements FC (First Chapter) is available today, with the second chapter to follow before the end of 2016:

What makes Tales of the Elements special is that in addition to being a hip hop album, it’s also an action RPG for PC developed solely by Last BeNeVoLeNcE and based entirely on the album’s story. Purchasing the album will allow listeners to experience the narrative as players as well.

“I really love hip hop, but I also love gaming, especially when it comes to JRPGs,” notes Last BeNeVoLeNcE. “Some may know how the artist Common told the story of hip hop from his perspective in the classic ‘I Used To Love H.E.R’ track, so I consider Tales of the Elements my own way of presenting hip hop culture from my perspective.”

Last BeNeVoLeNcE takes his inspiration from hip hops acts such as Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician, A Tribe Called Quest, Nujabes, Common, and Simple Citizens as well as classic JRPGs including Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 3, Tales of Phantasia, and Final Fantasy VII. Tales of the Elements‘ title an obvious nod to the Tales videogame series, but the elements portion also refers to the four elements of hip hop: B-Boys, DJs, MCs, and graffiti art.

Every classic RPG needs its cast of heroes, and Tales of the Elements is no exception. Expect guest appearances from Mega Ran and Kharisma with mastering and narration by K-Murdock.

Artist: Last BeNeVoLeNcE
Album: Tales of the Elements FC
Label: RandomBeats Music
Release Date: October 7, 2016
Release Details: 
Digital: 15 tracks in MP3, wav, or FLAC format plus an action RPG for Windows PC
Physical: Audio CD + game DVD in 2-disc case, art by Daniel Hill (includes digital version)
Price: $10 (digital) / $20 (physical)

Available at:

Source: Scarlet Moon Productions
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Pre-Orders open for a new pressing of Brave Wave's Street Fighter II Vinyl

Pre-Orders open for a new pressing of Brave Wave’s Street Fighter II Vinyl

Email This Post Share on Facebook Pre-Orders open for a new pressing of Brave Wave’s Street Fighter II VinylTweet This Post Print This Post 10.11.16 | | Comment?


The initial run of Brave Wave’s Street Fighter II: The Definitive Soundtrack on vinyl sold out incredibly fast when it was released last November. Nearly a year later, though, the label has announced that Big Wax will be their distributor for all upcoming vinyl releases and the partnership kicks off with a new pressing of Street Fighter II. Pre-orders are available now for the 4-LP box set for roughly $75 which will begin shipping in December.

Brave Wave has also partnered with Mondo who will be carrying Street Fighter II and other upcoming Generation Series releases on their store including next week’s Shovel Knight vinyl. You can pre-order Street Fighter II: The Definitive Soundtrack from Mondo and read up on our previous news story about Shovel Knight’s vinyl release here. And if that Street Fighter album is a little hazy in your memory you can always refresh yourself with our review of the CD album.

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Hear some great Modern Game Music Interviews on Music Respawn!

Hear some great Modern Game Music Interviews on Music Respawn!

Email This Post Share on Facebook Hear some great Modern Game Music Interviews on Music Respawn!Tweet This Post Print This Post 10.10.16 | | Comment?


While boning up on the blues for my Mafia III review my searches led me to the fantastic Music Respawn! program from WSHU radio out of Connecticut. Created by Kate Remington, the station’s classical music director, the show is just nearly a year old but has already chatted with some major names. Michael Salvatori on Destiny, Austin Wintory on Abzu, Jason Graves on Farlands, Grant Kirkhope on Yooka-Laylee. Remington has also spoken with performers whose creations combine classical music and video games like The Videri String Quartet, the creators of A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy and even the Los Angeles Jewish Orchestra.

Episodes are typically 30-40 minutes in length, include plenty of music clips and sound just as well produced as any of the NPR shows that WSHU broadcasts. Each episode’s page is also fleshed out with a synopsis, images, videos and more music clips. Most recently she’s spoken with Darren Korb about his work with Supergiant Games, Greg Edmonson on going from Firefly to Uncharted and Chad Seiter’s soundtrack to ReCore. You can follow Music Respawn! online or subscribe through iTunes.

What are some of your favorite game music podcasts or interview shows? Let us know in the comments.

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Pony Island Game Soundtrack is coming to Vinyl

Pony Island Game Soundtrack is coming to Vinyl

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OCTOBER 6, 2016 – Black Screen Records will release Jonah Senzel’s amazing soundtrack of the critically acclaimed indie game Pony Island on vinyl this November. The bubbling 8bit soundtrack will come on limited edition 180 gram clear and audiophile 180g black vinyl. The artwork was exclusively designed by the game’s creator Daniel Mullins. The soundtrack comes with a free Steam code, which can be used to download full game as well as the mp3 version of the soundtrack on Steam.

“Pony island is a game with two distinct faces: the cheerful outer facade, and the evil lurking under the surface. Most of the soundtrack is based around this idea of the “devil within” that’s present throughout the game. The most fun part of writing the soundtrack was composing really over the top cheerful cutesy Tracks for the cheery sections and then turning around and getting as gritty and evil sounding as possible for the devil sections. For the happy sections I channeled my inner children’s TV composer using fun, light and bouncy melodies played on old school 8bit synths as well as real instruments like the ukulele.Jonah Senzel; Developer & Composer

A trippy and unique experience that will make the player desperate and stunned at the same time. Pony Island is probably most enjoyable when played without knowing what to expect. Without giving too much away, it can be said that the game works mostly on the meta-level and it will take some time to figure out where the story is heading. A marvelous game for long and sleepless nights that will leave you pondering and amazed, while enjoying it’s varied music that perfectly fits the constant ups and downs of cheerful and vicious moments. For more information on the game visit

Pre-order the soundtrack for Pony Island now at WWW.BLACKSCREENRECORDS.COM

Source: Black Screen Records

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Final Fantasy Remix Album "Mog’s Mixtape" A Series Tribute

Final Fantasy Remix Album “Mog’s Mixtape” A Series Tribute

Email This Post Share on Facebook Final Fantasy Remix Album “Mog’s Mixtape” A Series TributeTweet This Post Print This Post 10.06.16 | | Comment?


On October 7, GameLark will be releasing Mog’s Mixtape; a loving tribute to the Final Fantasy series featuring over 30 artists and 2 hours of covers.  The album features music from every main game in the series, from Final Fantasy I to XIV, and even Final Fantasy Tactics. Listeners will enjoy some of the most popular tracks from the series as well as some of the more obscure.  With a vast array of genres represented, Mog’s Mixtape is the most dynamic and eclectic album that GameLark has released to date. In fact, the variety and volume of music required a different approach to the album arrangement.

“Given the sheer amount of music on the album, it made sense to separate this into two distinct musical journeys,” says Allen Brasch, GameLark creator and manager. “Disc 1 is a more light-hearted affair with battle themes and beautiful soundscapes. Disc 2 presents a more arduous journey and ends with the Game Over theme. Each disc stands on its own and can be experienced individually or together. It’s really the listener’s choice.” No matter how you decide to listen to this album, the works of Nobuo Uematsu and other composers will come to life in captivating ways. Final Fantasy is a series revered for its music, and with Mog’s Mixtape, we hope to honor that legacy.”

You can find the album upon it’s release on GameLark’s website, and follow them on Twitter for the announcement of when it goes live.

Source: GameLark Remixes

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