Valkyria Chronicles Anime Vocalist Apparently Uber Fan From Canada!

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An interesting story, indeed. Sony Music Entertainment Japan recently signed singer HIMEKA, who is actually a Canadian-born singer who grew up watching Sailor Moon, and eventually made her way to Japan to enter an anime theme singing competition where she impressed the judges enough to get signed. She has since released two singles on the label.

Her first single, “Asueno Kizuna” was the opening theme for the Valkyria Chronicles anime, which is a pretty awesome debut if you ask me. Just avoid the cheesy music video. Her second single, “Hatenaki Michi” is the ending theme for the anime series Tegami Bachi, and will be released in Japan on November 25, 2009. I’m definitely going to be looking forward to it. It looks like Sony Music Entertainment Japan is pioneering this kind of cross-over more and more, first with Becca, and now with HIMEKA.

And yes, this picture is actually her.

Any thoughts about these foreign singers making it big in Japan? Have you heard any of HIMEKA’s songs in either of these series?

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