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Final Phantom Live on May 7th 9PM EST

Final Phantom Live on May 7th 9PM EST

Email This Post Share on Facebook Final Phantom Live on May 7th 9PM ESTTweet This Post Print This Post 05.06.12 | | 2 Comments

Daniel Brown is gearing up to a live broadcast of his Final Fantasy/Phantom of the Opera crossover project Final Phantom on Monday 7th at 9PM EST. For those who have not heard of it yet, Final Phantom is a showing of the 1925 public domain Phantom of the Opera motion picture back-dropped by a live piano performance using music from the Final Fantasy series by arranged by Daniel Brown. Brown has toured different conventions performing for audiences across the East Coast in the past, delivering a very true atmosphere to the silent film era for the attendees.

The broadcast will begin at 9PM EST at Kareshi’s Twitch-TV Channel, and there will be a tip jar in place in case some of the listeners wants to fund equipment and future DVD release of the project. Brown’s earlier releases, including his Mystic Awakening: Music from Final Fantasy VI album, can be found for free at his Bandcamp page.

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