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Back for more with FZ: Side Z (Review)

July 4, 2013 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Back for more with FZ: Side Z (Review)on Twitter

I suspect that when Disasterpeace started this remix project he got more of a response than he bargained for. Considering the popularity of FEZ and the high praise the music received, I’m not surprised that a remix project ended up spanning two “virtual” discs. FZ: Side Z is the second remix album based on the music from FEZ and released shortly after FZ: Side F. It follows along the same tradition with a multitude of remixes, a mix of DJs, performers and game composers; and, once again, it contains a huge variety of styles and genres, exceeding the previous album by seven tracks.

For my thoughts on the album, and links to purchase this bad boy, follow along after the jump!

Some have considered this album to contain the rejects from the first, but I couldn’t disagree more. I never wanted to get up and dance when I played FEZ, but I did when I listened to “Forgotten” by Decktonic. I think “Pressure” by game composer bignic and “Forgotten” by Scattle are the first chiptune/dubstep tracks I’ve ever heard (which is entirely a good thing!). Being a sucker for piano music and J-pop, I fell in love with by aivi & surasshu’s “Come Back,” but I realise it won’t be to everyone’s tastes. “Beacon” and “Home” by game music arranger Brent Kennedy are two lovely solo piano arrangements that are something special. You should check out his piano arrangements of Super Meat Boy, too.

There are more big names here, such as Jimmy “BigGiantCircles” Hinson: a game, TV and film composer whose track “Drain Pipe” I totally loved (again, using the ‘sync’ bass used so often in other remixes). And then there’s SoulEye, best known for the VVVVVV soundtrack, with a track that only finds a voice of its own half way through. Disasterpeace himself comes in with five tracks. I’m not sure if these are remixes or tracks that were left out of the game (there is no information on this), but if you liked the original soundtrack, you will like these tracks.

One of my favourite tracks is “Monolith” by Josh Whelchel (feat. Amanda Appiarius) with some great singing and amazing beats. A word of warning, if you found the voice of DOT (the Navi like thing that follows you around) annoying in the game, maybe you should steer clear of “Adventure” by Baiyon.

So, again, what we have here a real mix of styles and genres that is bound to please everyone with a few tracks. Your choice whether to purchase the whole album or just a few choice arrangements. If you want to buy, you can head to Bandcamp or Loudr. For five dollars, you get quite a bit of interesting music!

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