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MAGFest 2017 Full Music Announcements Now Available

December 5, 2016 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook MAGFest 2017 Full Music Announcements Now Availableon Twitter


Next month marks the 15th year of the main iteration of MAGFest; the music and gaming festival that started in 2002 and has blown up into a series of multiple nerd music culture events since. Returning to Nation Harbor to the Gaylord National Hotel from January 5-8th, the event is expected to sell out of badges, so if you were waiting on the full announcements of who will be performing this year before jumping on registering, we’ll help you out.

Last week marked the final music performance announcements for MAGFest 2017. Over the past month, video game artists and bands, chiptune artists and nerdcore performers have been steadily revealed for the upcoming event. If you hadn’t been keeping up, here’s the full lineup:

Video Game Bands/VGM Artists

  • Bit Brigade (x3)
  • The Returners
  • Galaxy Tour Guides (Featuring Gem Fusions)
  • ARMcannon
  • Gemanon
  • Arc Impulse
  • Bitforce
  • Machinae Supremacy
  • Knight of the Round
  • Videri String Quartet (w/ Nate Horsfall)
  • The Protomen
  • The OneUps (MAGProm x3)
  • Triforce Quartet
  • Voia
  • Saori Kobayashi & Yumiko Takahashi (feat. Lauren Liebowitz & Dou Perry)

Chiptune Artists/ChipRave (Visualists)

  • EMAR (w/ visualist Thresher)
  • (T_T)b (w/ visualist Thresher)
  • D&D Sluggers (w/ visualist Dino)
  • Corset Lore (w/ visualist NO CARRIER)
  • Danimal Cannon (w/ visualist Radionarcotix)
  • Fearofdark (w/ visualist Batsly Adams)
  • nml styl (w/ visualist Dino)
  • Awesome Force (w/ visualist Dino)
  • Monoderr (w/ visualist Batsly Adams)
  • cTrix (w/ visualist Radionarotix)
  • goto80 (w/ visualist NO CARRIER)
  • Makeup and Vanity Set


  • Schaffer the Darklord
  • Kadesh Flow
  • 1-UP
  • Mikal kHill
  • Richie Branson


  • DJ Cutman
  • Grimecraft
  • A_rival
  • DJ Jo


You can check out each artist’s profile on the MAGFest Artists page. Guests are still being announced, and we’ll be sure to follow up with an announcement featuring all the composers, voice actors and more shortly. Until then, check out the musical guests and be sure to nab your registration soon, as last heard they were over three-quarters sold out with less than a month to go!

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