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Burning Up Inside: George & Jonathan Show Off Their ‘Beautiful Lifestyle’

November 3, 2011 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Burning Up Inside: George & Jonathan Show Off Their ‘Beautiful Lifestyle’on Twitter

Last year, chiptune electrodance duo George & Jonathan floored us with The Best Music, a scrumptious collage of party-down funk and endearing synth silliness which effortlessly won our votes for #1 chip music album of 2010. With a bonus Christmas EP and incredible performances at MAGFest and Silent Barn, G&J are holding down their stellar track record with the release of their highly anticipated second LP, Beautiful Lifestyle. We hope you’ve been practicing your finger waggle.

Lifestyle takes G&J in some really splendid new directions without sacrificing any of the duo’s previously established swagger. Carnival-style synth leads are sandwiched between massive, wobbly drops in the fittingly titled “Dubstep Daycare,” while basslines both funky and fierce give an immense bounce to “Hissy Snake Popout” amid rocketing arpeggios and ridiculous samples — the ones that you forgot you loved only because the 80’s was so long ago (“YUMP!” “OW!”). If rainbows and tenderness is more your style, “Unicorns Forever” and “One Hundred Lifetimes” sound like they could be the opening and closing themes to a My Little Pony videogame. And I mean that in the best way possible.

In short, fans of The Best Music will not be the least bit disappointed. And if you’re a first time George & Jonathan listener, Beautiful Lifestyle is as good an introduction as any to this unique and unapologetically goofy team of fun-loving music bros. Check the player below for a full listen, and get the whole thing on Bandcamp for only $5.

Buy: George & Jonathan – Beautiful Lifestyle (MP3/FLAC)

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