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GameChops Releases Cuphead Remix Featuring James Landino

October 23, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook GameChops Releases Cuphead Remix Featuring James Landinoon Twitter

The people over at GameChops have decided to get in on the massive love for Cuphead and the game’s fantastic soundtrack by composer Kristofer Maddigan by creating an EDM-swing arrangement of “Botanic Panic” from the game’s music!

This remix of Botanic Panic is by James Landino and mastered by Dj CUTMAN. Cutman also edited the video, showing many boss fights thanks to the excellent gameplay footage by Emily Feder! Oh my gosh we sure have fallen in love with Cuphead over here at GameChops! Hope you enjoy this Cuphead electro swing music video, what an amazing soundtrack, incredible animation and an awesome game!

The catchy beats of the electro-swing arrangement fit perfectly with the game’s original melody and works with the zany gameplay of the video. The “Botanic Panic” Electro Swing Mix is free to download on the Gamechops website.

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