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Pocket-Sized Economizer: iGMB Is Out!

September 6, 2012 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook Pocket-Sized Economizer: iGMB Is Out!on Twitter

Nestled between Indie Game Music Bundle 3 and the upcoming IGMB4 is a special bundle, the iGMB. Yes, you know what that lowercase “i” is for. It’s not for Indie, it’s for the iOS platform. Well, it’s soundtracks for games on the iOS platform. You don’t need an iAnything to play this music!

For $1, you get a ridiculous pile of fantastic music:

    Horn by Austin Wintory (composer of Journey)
    Squids Wild West by Romain Gauthier (a new release, exclusive to the bundle for now, and *amazing*!!)
    Puzzlejuice by Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson
    Globulous by Andrew “zircon” Aversa and Jeff Ball (our review here)
    Organ Trail by Ben Crossbones

Increase that amount from $1 to $10 (or more) and get access to .flac audio in addition to the 320k mp3 versions, and all these bonus albums:

    Alien Incursion by Fred “elmobo” Motte
    Wyv and Keep by Luke Thomas
    Flight of Angels / Splice OST by Dain Saint
    Mecho Wars by Season Beeson
    Polymer by Whitaker Trebella (another new release, just hit this week!)
    iBlast Moki 2 by Romain Gauthier
    Super Hexagon EP by Niamh “chipzel” Houston
    Super Stickman Golf by Whitaker Blackall (unlocks after 5000 sales)
    Happy Street by Romain Gauthier (unlocks after 7500 sales)

This is just insane. Every GMB has been good, but this bundle exposes you to some great musicians you may have never heard of, while also giving you music from established composers like Wintory, BGC and zircon. And Squids Wild West? Wow. Exciting! We’ll have a review of this one for Monday.

What other special things will we do to cover this bundle? We’re stirring the pot for fun ideas now, but we’d love to hear your ideas as well, so leave a comment!

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