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Check out the Creepy Cadence of I Can’t Escape: Darkness

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If you’re like I am and are really into mindscrew  gaming with equally chilling music accompanying it, then I suggest you check out the indie title by Fancy Fish Games I Can’t Escape: Darkness and its soundtrack. Recently released on Youtube by the game’s composer Chase Bethea is his detailing of the game and how he went about creating the sound and music to compliment the psychological horror aspects surrounding the gameplay, which focuses on exploring and ultimately trying to escape a creepy mysterious dungeon with untold abominations potentially around every turn.

Watching the video and listening to Chase talk about how he crafted the music around how the gameplay works and trying to keep it just distracting enough for the player is fascinating and gives some interesting perspective towards how good psychological thriller gaming is constructed. Taking inspiration from games akin to I Can’t Escape: Darkness, such as Tomb Raider and Silent Hill and layering on top of those, Bethea goes into detail about how he added retro elements to the game’s score to create a unique experience.

I Can’t Escape: Darkness is currently out on Steam (Even on sale right now thanks to the Lunar New Year sale!) and something worth checking out, especially after watching this mini documentary regarding its music. It’s always fascinating going into the background of game’s music composition and the creativity the composers draw from and how it affects what they create. You can also grab the game’s music on Bethea’s Bandcamp page.

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