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Mirror’s Edge Composer Confirmed for Sequel

October 5, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Mirror’s Edge Composer Confirmed for Sequelon Twitter

There’s a lot of hope and expectation piled on top of the long-demanded sequel to DICE’s 2008 cult favorite, Mirror’s Edge. We still don’t know a lot about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and the origin story of female protagonist, Faith, but with today’s news it seems the music won’t be anything for fans to worry about.

DICE has confirmed that Swedish composer, Magnus Birgersson (also known as Solar Fields) will be returning to expand the fan-favorite soundtrack he created for the original game. Along with the announcement comes a sample of the soundtrack and a short interview with Birgersson over at the game’s UK website. Along with expressing his gratitude over the reception of the original game’s soundtrack he reveals a few tidbits on what to expect from Catalyst.

“I think there’s 70GB in my Mirror’s Edge Catalyst folder now,” Birgersson mentions in regard to the scope of the new soundtrack. “In the first game we had one stereo channel, but this time we’re able to real time mix four different stereo channels based on what’s going on in the game, allowing us to create an even deeper and more dynamic musical experience than we hoped for.”

On how he creates the dystopian soundscapes of the game’s City of Glass he adds, “I combine old, analogue technology with modern synthesizers and equipment. Modular systems, lo-fi synthesizers, VHS tape recorders and so on – it’s a mixture of many things.”

Check out the full interview on the official site or reacquaint yourself with Birgersson with our 2012 interview. And if you can’t quite remember what was so great about the original Mirror’s Edge soundtrack you can always refer to our review.

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